Meyer Farm
Meyer Farm

Meyer peach orchard

We ARE open for veteran peaches NORMAL HOURS everyday until they are gone.  We expect that will be about august 23rd. Always check on the day you plan to pick to make sure we still have peaches.  



Our normal hours are 8am to 6pm Monday thru Saturday and noon to 4pm on Sunday.

Always check on the day you come out to make sure we are open that day.

You can check here, on our Facebook or call 503-362-7153 for the most recent information.


We have containers to pick into, please bring your own containers to carry the peaches home with you.

And, you're always welcome to pick directly into your own containers.


Please check in at the fruitstand when you arrive, and, if you plan to pick directly into your own containers, we will weigh your empties then to get the tare weight.


Due to insurance restrictions no ladders are available and no one can use any ladder, including their own, in the orchard.

We have pole picker tools that you can use to reach the out-of-reach fruit.


Prices are:


$1.30/lb u-pick

$9.00 each pre-picked bag (approximately 5 lbs)

65 cents/lb windfalls off the orchard floor


Ready picked pre orders are no longer available.


You can ask any questions by either calling and leaving a message or texting 503-362-7153


Thanks for checking in and we look forward to seeing you at the peach orchard.


This farm has been in the family since 1925, through 4 generations.  We have been raising peaches since 1978 and currently have 2 varieties; Red Haven and Veteran.  Our peaches are primarily u-pick.  We do offer pre-picked peaches in bags (approximately 5 pounds) when we have time to pick and sort them.


Because of insurance restrictions, u-pick peach customers can no longer use any ladders in the orchard.  We now provide picking pole devices which work very well reaching the peaches in the tree.  The u-pick device then gently holds the peach while it is removed from the tree and placed in the container.


During peach harvest, usually the end of July through the middle of August, we are typically open Monday through Saturday 8am until 6pm & Sundays noon until 4pm.  Please call 503-362-7153 for updates before visiting us as our days and hours can change based on crop availability.


The orchard is located at 5495 Center St. NE, Salem, Oregon, 97317.  That is 2 miles east of Lancaster at the end of Center St.  Look for our sign at Cordon Rd and at the orchard.








Red Haven – These are fantastic for using fresh in recipes and just plain eating straight off the tree.  While they do work for canning and freezing, the veteran is superior for that.  Our Red havens are ready for picking in late July and are available for about a week. This is a classic peach with very high name recognition and a great reputation.


Red Haven

Veteran – Because of their highly reliable production and great flavor, veterans are a very popular western Oregon peach.  They are a hybrid that is frost resistant during the bloom, which is the most vulnerable time for the peach crop. These peaches are freestone, easily peeled and very sturdy which makes them one of the best peaches for canning and freezing.  They are ready for picking in early August and are available for about 3 weeks.  While they are a supurb canning peach, they are also a very delicious fresh peach.  Some even say they are better than Red Havens for eating fresh off the tree.





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